Monday, 16 November 2009

The Idea

Second Year University students settle back into the halls of residence, and decide to play some minor pranks on the first years. But the first years want revenge, and planned the most consequential prank to get back at the second years. The plan was to pick out the main "socialite" of the second years, one by one taking away his friends and hiding them in the basement and having other first year students leave signs of struggle in the persons room, so they can see him cry like a baby.

Unknown to them though after taking his friends one by one, he’ll catch the “leader” of the first years and kill him thinking he was murdering his friends. The last words of the “leader” will be that it wasn’t just him, it was all of the first years in that block (didn’t get the chance to say it was all just a prank before the "socialite" finished him off), and in a rage the "socialite" took the “leaders” disguise and hunt down the first years, brutally killing them for murdering his friends.

After killing all the first years in that block the "socialite" soon realises what he’s done, and in a moment of clarity decides to kill himself, for he can’t live with what he’s done, just as the knife goes in, his friends jump out from the cupboard room and shout “SUPR......OH MY GOD”. It ends with a close up of the socialites face sideways on the floor bleeding with the friends blurry in the background.


  1. good idea here, Laura. now you need to choose the section to storyboard and begin planning it. don't forget to continue blogging to show development of your coursework.

  2. sounds good =D

    i look forward to seeing the full thing!!1